Urban Biofilter leverages waste to improve quality of life in inner-cities. A micro-industrial forestry project grown with waste water on brownfields, Urban Biofilter bioremediates water, soil and air while shielding residents from industry and transportation routes. By valuing ecosystem services the project enables a green economy that serves environmental justice. 

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Inaugural Biofilter Planting

From This:

To This:

These images document the literal and figurative 'groundbreaking' of the Biofilter project at OT-411 in the Port of Oakland last month. Photos include dialogue with project stakeholders, site context, excavation of compacted Port soil, planting of bamboo species, and irrigation installation.


Oh So Green said...

Hi! I'm a student in sustainable community development living in Oakland, and would love to learn more about your project. Do you have any contact info you could give me, or would you prefer I post any questions and such as comments?


Yatika Dhingra said...

Thanks so much! Worked great
Stylo hameta
Pongamia pinnata
 Swietenia mahagoni
cassia auriculata
Acacia mangium
Simarouba glauca
Lakshmi taru