Urban Biofilter leverages waste to improve quality of life in inner-cities. A micro-industrial forestry project grown with waste water on brownfields, Urban Biofilter bioremediates water, soil and air while shielding residents from industry and transportation routes. By valuing ecosystem services the project enables a green economy that serves environmental justice. 

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bamboo Planting @ OT-411

Urban Bamboo Biofilter has partnered with Merritt College, West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project, Oakland Maritime Support Services and OT-411 (Oakland Trucker-411) to launch a visionary, urban greenway project.

Our inaugural bamboo planting will occur at the new central hub of independent West Oakland truckers, OT-411, which provides rest-stop facilities to truckers and is housing the outreach and testing space for several local non-profits focused on air quality issues. This bamboo planting aims to set a precedent by facilitating collaboration between environmentalist and industry and by helping truckers improve their air quality.

Urban Bamboo Biofilter aims to create multiple micro-industrial bamboo plantations strategically located to filter air pollution from transportation and industry. We will leverage untapped local resources: treated wastewater and vacant lots to improve quality of life in neighborhoods that face the most acute air pollution.

For information about the event, please contact Nik Bertulis: 510.388.9665 nik (at) dig.coop
Press inquiries, please contact Marisha Farnsworth: 510.495.5790 marisha (at) thenaturalbuilders.com